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All About us

Founded in 2017, COTIANA is a luxury brand of recycled cotton stationery and lifestyle products built on a foundation of quality and fine hand craftsmanship. The name, “COTIANA”, is blend of English word Cotton and Somali word Aiyana which means a beautiful flower. We are an accessible brand that is sustainable, mindful and created for all.


Our products contain recycled materials which we enthusiastically encourage. Our products are designed and packaged in our Indian studio and every step involve the touch of human hands. We pay our team of artisans living wages and pride ourselves in creating a positive and uplifting working environment for our COTIANA team.


With 2 collections per year as well as custom designs, we create by hand, exclusive prints for Fashion, Home and Stationery.


Our Vision for COTIANA is to be modern, beautiful brand, but also to provide a product that meets people’s need for a self-care tool. Craft and making has been proven to improve mental health and increase happiness and we love spreading this message with our DIY product range.

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